Erin Kelly

Kelly Headshot - Erin Kelly


Associate Professor, Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources

Areas of Expertise

  • forest policy
  • forest management
  • rural economic development
  • community capitals framework

Erin Kelly completed her PhD at the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, where she conducted research on the intersections of people, forests, and institutions. Since arriving at Humboldt in 2012, she has begun to consider the role of cannabis production as part of her research into rural economic development, land use, and natural resource management. She is interested particularly in how legalization will change northern California's economy and culture and how cannabis growers will adapt to and resist stringent regulatory frameworks.


Kelly, E.C., Formosa, M.L. 2020. The economic and cultural impacts of cannabis production to a rural place. Journal of Rural Studies 75: 1-8.

Kelly, E.C. 2020. Moderator for Sustainable Futures Speaker Series panel: the social, economic, and ecological sustainability of cannabis production in northern California.

Kelly, E.C., Formosa, M.L. Forthcoming. Two rural industries intersecting over time: cannabis production and ecological restoration in the Mattole Valley, California, USA. Book chapter in Routledge Handbook of Cannabis.

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