Josh Meisel

Josh Meisel - bio photo

Areas of Expertise

cannabis policy, moral panics and cannabis, oral cannabis products, qualitative and quantitative research methods

"I have almost 10 years of research experience in the cannabis science and policy arenas. My research interests have centered on examining the intended and unintended consequences of policy shifts from prohibition to post-prohibition cannabis control contexts. This includes media representations of cannabis culture and industry, college student involvement in the cannabis economy, and current work focusing on adverse reactions to cannabis edibles and Mexican drug cartel involvement in California cannabis cultivation. My research training and experience is as a mixed methodologist. I am equally comfortable conducting open-ended in-depth interviews as I am designing and administering close-ended online surveys. Examples include semi-structured interviews with 46 users to understand their negative experiences with cannabis edibles and a subsequent population survey informed by those interviews to 500 users nationwide who had a negative experience with cannabis edibles. I also have experience using content analysis to gather and analyze 15 years of news media coverage of cannabis. "


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