Whitney Ogle

Ogle Headshot - Whitney Ogle


Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Areas of Expertise

  • Physical Therapy
  • Exercise Science
  • Motor Learning & Control

Whitney Ogle earned her Masters in Exercise Physiology, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and Doctorate in Human Performance - Motor Learning & Control. She has been investigating the role of cannabis in exercise and physical therapy. She collaborates with other professors in HIIMR and with DPT professors to broaden our understanding of cannabis use in a variety of populations. Dr. Ogle is also a board member of HIIMR and operates our Instagram account @hsuhiimr.


Ogle, W. (2020). The Present and Future of Cannabis and Human Movement Research. California Conference on Motor Behavior, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Fullerton, CA

Ogle, W. (2019). Medical marijuana and PT: a high level overview. Published online at: https://covalentcareers.com/resources/medical-marijuana-and-pt-high-leve...

Ogle, W. (2019). The intersection of cannabis and physical therapy practice. California Physical Therapy Association. Continuing education webinar