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baston bio photo

David Baston

Areas of Expertise:
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Signal Transduction
  • Environmental Chemistry

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Frank Cappuccio - Bio photo

Frank Cappuccio

Areas of Expertise:
  • Isolation and characterization of organic compounds
  • organic synthesis
  • plant natural products
  • macromolecules and supramolecular chemistry

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Gabriel Headshot - Mourad Gabriel

Mourad Gabriel

Areas of Expertise:
  • One Health Investigations
  • Wildlife Ecology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Disease Ecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Molecular Ecology
  • One Medicine

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Kelly Headshot - Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly

Areas of Expertise:
  • forest policy
  • forest management
  • rural economic development
  • community capitals framework

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Kimberly White bio photo

Kimberly White

Areas of Expertise:

Natural products isolation, purification, and characterization.

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