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HIIMR faculty engage in policy-relevant research focused on improving the physical, economic, and environmental health of communities.

This research is focused on data collection and assessment methods that can be used to enhance knowledge available to communities, researchers, educators, and others in better understanding the past, present, and potential future role of cannabis at it relates to the regional economy, workforce development, health, environment, and community relations.

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New Publications:

2022. The Routledge Handbook of Post-Prohibition Cannabis Research

Edited by Dominic Corva and Joshua S. Meisel

The Routledge Handbook of Post-Prohibition Cannabis Research book cover

The place of cannabis in global drug prohibition is in crisis, opening up new directions for socially engaged cannabis research. The Routledge Handbook of Post-Prohibition Cannabis Research invites readers to explore new landscapes of cannabis research under conditions of legalization with, not after, prohibition: "post-prohibition." The chapters are organized into five multidisciplinary sections: Governance, Public Health, Markets and Society, Ecology and the Environment, and Culture and Social Change. Case studies from the United States, Uruguay, Morocco, and the United Kingdom show readers alternative ways of thinking about human–cannabis relationships that move beyond questions of legality and illegality. Representing a cross-section of cannabis scholarship, the contributors provide readers with critical perspectives on legalization that are not based upon orthodoxies of prohibition. While legalization signals a global shift in the legitimacy of cannabis research, this collection identifies openings for academics, policy makers, and the public interested in ending the drug war, as well as a way to address broader social problems evident in the age of neoliberal governance within which prohibition has been entangled.

HIIMR Facutly Contributors:

Erin Clover Kelly,  with Marisa Lia Formos(Forestry and Wildland Resources) Two Rural Industries Intersecting over Time: Cannabis Production and Ecological Restoration in the Mattole Valley, California, USA

Whitney Ogle (Kinesiology) Cannabis in Exercise and Sport

Kaitlin Reed (Native American Studies) Cannabis, Settler Colonialism, and Tribal Sovereignty in California

Anthony Silvaggio (Sociology) The Environmental Impact of Cannabis Liberalization: Lessons from California

Joshua Zender (Business) The Cannabis Enigma: Navigating Inequitable Tax, Banking, and Insurance Milieu in the United States



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