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baston bio photo

David Baston


Areas of Expertise:
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Signal Transduction
  • Environmental Chemistry

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Edie Bulter bio photo

Edie Butler


Areas of Expertise:
  • History of Northwest California
  • Archival practices

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David Byrne

Dove Byrne


Areas of Expertise:

Cannabis industry in California, Accounting, Finance, and Management,.

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Frank Cappuccio - Bio photo

Frank Cappuccio


Areas of Expertise:
  • Isolation and characterization of organic compounds
  • organic synthesis
  • plant natural products
  • macromolecules and supramolecular chemistry

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Dominic Corva bio photo

Dominic Corva


Areas of Expertise:
  • Political economy of drug policy
  • Political-economic Geography
  • Cannabis and Social Movements
  • Political economy of cannabis markets
  • Rural economic development

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Matt Derrick bio photo

Matthew Derrick


Areas of Expertise:
  • pharmacology
  • ]genome engineering
  • stem cell biology
  • target and drug discovery
  • assay

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Erick Eschker biography photo

Erick Eschker


Areas of Expertise:


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Gabriel Headshot - Mourad Gabriel

Mourad Gabriel


Areas of Expertise:
  • One Health Investigations
  • Wildlife Ecology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Disease Ecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Molecular Ecology
  • One Medicine

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Gregg Gold - bio photo

Gregg Gold


Areas of Expertise:
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Influence
  • Psychology of Prejudice
  • Research Methods
  • Statistics
  • Survey Design and Research

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Kelly Headshot - Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly


Areas of Expertise:
  • forest policy
  • forest management
  • rural economic development
  • community capitals framework

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Fred Krissman, PhD - bio photo

Fred Krissman, PhD


Areas of Expertise:
  • Internal and international migration
  • Farm labor markets
  • Agricultural systems
  • Illegal commodities (undocumented labor and black market cannabis)
  • Socioeconomic inequalities within and across cultures Cross-culturalism (within and between cultures in America, Mexico, and Thailand)

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Carly Marino - bio photo

Carly Marino


Areas of Expertise:
  • Humboldt County History
  • Research Assistance
  • Archival Description and Preservation
  • Rare Books

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Josh Meisel - bio photo

Josh Meisel


Areas of Expertise:

cannabis policy, moral panics and cannabis, oral cannabis products, qualitative and quantitative research methods

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Ogle Headshot - Whitney Ogle

Whitney Ogle


Areas of Expertise:
  • Physical Therapy
  • Exercise Science
  • Motor Learning & Control

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Ara Pachmayer - bio photo

Ara Pachmayer


Areas of Expertise:
  • tourism
  • sustainable tourism
  • intercultural competence
  • qualitative methods
  • community development

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Kaitlin Reed bio photo

Kaitlin Reed

Areas of Expertise:


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Tony Silvaggio - bio photo

Tony Silvaggio


Areas of Expertise:


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Sue Sisley bio photo

Sue Sisley


Areas of Expertise:
  • Internal Medicine
  • clinical trials
  • PTSD
  • cannabis for chronic pain and opioid substitution
  • DEA/NIDA monopoly

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Ronnie Swartz portrait

Ronnie Swartz


Areas of Expertise:

Cannabis harm reduction and benefit maximization.

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Kimberly White bio photo

Kimberly White


Areas of Expertise:

Natural products isolation, purification, and characterization.

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Josh_Zender - Joshua Zender

Joshua R. Zender


Areas of Expertise:
  • Cost Accounting
  • Taxation and Government Budgeting

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