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Dominic Corva bio photo

Dominic Corva

Areas of Expertise:
  • Political economy of drug policy
  • Political-economic Geography
  • Cannabis and Social Movements
  • Political economy of cannabis markets
  • Rural economic development

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Fred Krissman, PhD - bio photo

Fred Krissman, PhD

Areas of Expertise:
  • Internal and international migration
  • Farm labor markets
  • Agricultural systems
  • Illegal commodities (undocumented labor and black market cannabis)
  • Socioeconomic inequalities within and across cultures Cross-culturalism (within and between cultures in America, Mexico, and Thailand)

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Kaitlin Reed bio photo

Kaitlin Reed

Areas of Expertise:


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Tony Silvaggio - bio photo

Tony Silvaggio

Areas of Expertise:


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Ronnie Swartz portrait

Ronnie Swartz

Areas of Expertise:

Cannabis harm reduction and benefit maximization.

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