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You can help HIIMR faculty, students and collaborators conduct research. We are the first and only university institute devoted to studying marijuana issues. Your gift will allow us to generate reports, sponsor lectures, and form important partnerships with other universities, public agencies, and businesses. Support from individuals, businesses and foundations is critical to providing the necessary resources to help answer important questions for policy-makers, land owners, local economies, public officials, the media and individual citizens.

Our research focuses on these areas:

  • The Environment

    How much does outdoor cultivation damage animals and watersheds on park and tribal forest lands? How much water and energy do outdoor and indoor grow sites use? What are best environmental practices for producing marijuana?
  • Commercial and Industrial Interests

    What will be the price of marijuana if it were fully legal? How much will people pay for different levels of THC and cannabinoids? Will marijuana be produced on large or small farms? How will regulation evolve in different states and cities and how will future regulation affect the industry? What percent of marijuana will be produced outdoors and indoors? How will new technology be formed?
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    How many dispensaries exist currently and what are their sales? Is the marijuana sold in dispensaries contaminated with chemicals? What is the medical evidence on cannabis and what benefits do patients perceive? What might a medical or dietary supplement industry look like in the future and how may it be regulated? How do different cannabis strains differ in their THC and cannabinoid content?
  • Regulation and Taxation

    How many people currently work in the marijuana industry and how much is sold? How much revenues can states and cities expect to raise? How should the production and consumption of marijuana be regulated?

The Institute takes no position on legalization or decriminalization. Your contribution will not be used for advocacy. It will be used for research, analysis and dissemination.

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